Saus Sambal Hot Lava

Saus Sambal Hot Lava


Sambal sauce with a unique and distinctive taste sensation from MamaSuka, it has a high level of spiciness and makes you addicted to continue eating it. Spicy chili sauce! Processed product from a blend of selected chilies with special spices, namely barbeque seasoning sauce, garlic, black pepper, chicken extract and chili powder. It's fun to enjoy with friends and family.

Berat Bersih

9g, 130ml, 260ml

Isi Kemasan

4,32 kg (20 pcs x 24 sct x 9g)

4 kg (24 pcs x 130ml)

4 kg (12 pcs x 260ml)

Umur Simpan

15 Months


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