Saus Sambal Hot Lava Volcano

Saus Sambal Hot Lava Volcano


Delisaos Hot Lava Volcano is a new variant of Delisaos Hot Lava, which has a unique spicy taste, characterized by an extremely spicy sensation. Processed through a combination of BBQ sauce, garlic, black pepper, chicken extract, and chili. For food lovers who are spicy or want to try extremely spicy flavors, just dip the food or pour this sauce on your food menu.

Berat Bersih

9g, 130ml, 260ml

Isi Kemasan

4,32 kg (20 pcs x 24 sct x 9g)

4 kg (24 pcs x 130ml)

4 kg (12 pcs x 260ml)

Umur Simpan

15 Months


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